Give your print budget a JMS boost

From experience, John knows that many companies waste a great deal of money over the course of a year through what he calls 'casual' print management. Engage John's expertise and very quickly, your print management style will be transformed - ship-shape and efficient.

A thorough print audit is provided free of charge with no strings attached. It may be that you could save money by opting for different paper stocks or switching from litho to digital on certain jobs, and some people don't realise that full colour print is more cost effective compared to two/three colour print. And what about continuity - are all your corporate blues (or reds or greens) the same throughout your literature?

Following your 'HealthCheck', you will receive sensible advice across the board, appropriate to your business needs and company image.

If you would like to stop 'printing money' and start saving it instead, call today to arrange your HealthCheck and let John WOW you with his suggested improvements...

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